Day 8: Bucket List

How long do you have? I have an actual physical list. I even dated it! May 1st, 2013. There is just so much I want to do & see before I die. I hope someday I can actually say I did it all.
Go skydiving
Go bungee jumping
Learn italian
Travel (Italy/Hawaii/etc.)
Go on a cruise
Make & complete a scrapbook
Learn to ballroom dance
Be in 2 places at once (Thanks "A Walk To Remember")
Go on a roadtrip w/friends
Change someones life
Get something named after me
Make a difference in the world
Support a cause
Run/walk in the Susan G Komen 3 Day For A Cure
Run or Dye (color run)
Be well known for something positive
Write & publish a book
Be in a movie (extra?)
Go ziplining
Be in a commercial
World record for something
Be in a magazine
Eat something unusual
Ride a motorcycle
Own a really nice car
Watch a Broadway play
Go scuba diving
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go hangliding
Go zorbing
Go stargazing
Watch the Monarch Butterfly Migration (I actually got to see this with Painted Lady Butterflies & it was everything I've ever thought it would be)

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