Day 6: What Are You Afraid Of?

I could start with what scares me physically thats simple. It's clowns. I for a reason unknown am afraid of clowns. Needless to say a few years ago when all the psychos started popping up outside as clowns I was ready. I highkey would hit one with my car if they tried me. Then there is the fears that lie beneath the surface. The fear of being alone. I like being alone by choice. I do not like being alone when it's my only option. I fear my husband not outliving me & me having to be alone. Lets be honest here, how am I going to get another good man to look past my crazy & love me forever? I fear divorce. I never want my kids to have to wonder where they will be on holidays & birthdays. I fear death. It's inevitable but I want to go first I dont want to see my closest friends & family die. I am not good with loss. Those are my fears irrational or not.

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