Day 2: 5 Facts About Me

1) I love to sing but I sound like a dying cat. Don't test me on this just take my word for it. I'm also extremely good at remembering song lyrics/artists/& names. Which is ironic since my memory is so bad.
2) I love to write. I've actually won two Optimist Awards for writting when I was a kid. I'm learning to make time for it again & I'm actually in the process of writting a book on what used to be CreateSpace. It's more so just to be a published author. If no one ever reads it well so be it & if it's such a great book that I become the next JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer well then I'm all for it! Don't judge me, a girl can dream!
3) Reading I LOVE reading. It's something I also struggle to make time for as my son is currently 4 months old & wanting to be held all the time. I'm working on this because I remember how much I loved to curl up with a good book & be so into it that you forget the world around you. I miss that feeling & sometimes I need the escape.

This is Jazz. She is one of the best dogs I've ever owned. I'm convinced she's a person reincarnated. She knows how to people & she is still learning how to dog. She's spoiled rotten by me & she knows it.
5) I'm in the process of being a surrogate mother! Now this I'm super excited for. If you have kids you know that the love you have for them is unable to be described. You have this little life that relies on you & sometimes its hard I'm not going to sugar coat it. The first three weeks with Junior I was exhausted. He had trouble staying asleep & would only sleep if he was held. So I would literally go sleep on the living room couch holding him so that we could sleep. Not that the couch isn't comfortable but, I'd take a warm bed sleeping next to my husband over it any day.

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