Day 18: Favorite Movie

I have a few favorite movies. I guess it depends on genre. I love comedy. After all laughter is the best medicine. Thats why White Chicks is one of my favorites. I can quote the entire thing from start to finish while cracking up. I also love romance movies so count me in for The Notebook & Titanic. Fair warning I cry everytime Rose descends from the staircase to Jack at the end of the movie. I also will watch Selena any day of the year. Grown Ups is also a family favorite & you can be sure I'll be saying "MAIZE" for 3 days after. There's so many more of my favorite movies like Patch Adams, Aladdin, & My Girl. Watching movies is one of my favorite things. To be immersed in something so much that you forget the world around you.

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