Day 13: Your Favorite Pet/Animal

My favorite pet would be a dog. They are just so loving. We don't deserve them. Jazz for example, we adopted her and she was extremely skittish (September 2017). We were told that her and her sister had been turned in the week before. She showed signs of prior abuse like running when we pulled out kitchen chairs to sit at dinner time. We got her a bed and we could tell she was exhausted. She probably hadn't slept well in awhile. She didn't trust us though and was literally falling asleep standing up. We wanted to make her feel at home and know that she was loved so Jon and I sat on the floor with her and led her to her bed until she understood it was hers. During our first year together that became her safe place where she went when she got overwhelmed by how many people we had over or the noise level. When Jon had to go out of state for work she stopped eating. I think she thought she was being abandoned again. I cried because she refused to eat. I called my mom asking what I should do. She recommended that I go out and get her a rotisserrie chicken, wet dog food, chicken broth, and white rice. I mixed all that in with her dry dog food and she wasn't able to resist it. She ate again that night and I was so happy. She's been spoiled rotten ever since. She sleeps on our bed, gets all the good food, and all the love. She is by far one of the best dogs I've ever had. She isn't a very good guard dog but she's friendly and has the funniest attitude. I swear that she is a person reincarnated because she's still learning how to dog. She literally stares at herself in the mirror like "Oh my God. I'm a dog". Our family jokes that she is self aware.

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