Day 24: Your Biggest Regret

Mine has got to be not staying in school. It's been 6 year since I graduated high school. I could've at least had my bachelor's degree by now. I kick myself in the butt for it. It's never too late though so I will be taking online classes this year. I hope to have my degree to teach before Bugs starts kinder. Thats my game plan & I plan to stick to it.

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Day 23: What Attracts You In Love

For me its not about looks. It's all about sense of humor. When I first started talking to my husband the first thing I noticed about him was that he was hilarious. To this day he keeps me laughing. Him being cute is just the icing on the cake. I'm a very happy person & if you cant make me laugh & we cant playfully joke around it will never work.

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Day 22: Your Worst Habits

   One of my worst habits by far is nail biting. I've been doing it since I was a kid. I don't know if I have anxiety or what. My family tried everything to get me to stop. Hot sauce, anti nail biting nail polish, & painting my nails. It wasn't until I started getting acrylics that I stopped biting them entirely. I love the way they look when I get them done. I think that helps stop me from biting them. Also, the knowledge that I paid for them helps.

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Day 21: What Makes You Sad?

Death. Death makes me sad. I had a dream last night where I got to see my Aunt Mona (great aunt) & my Papa (grandpa). In my dream I saw them come through the front door of the house I grew up in & I hugged them & cried like a baby.

   I'm not an emotional person at all. However, when someone close to me dies I hurt so deep. I shutdown. I cry so hard I forget to breathe.

   When someone I know loses someone they were close to I feel for them. I cry like its someone I knew. I get the knot in my throat and everything. It's one of the few times my empathy kicks into high gear.

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Day 20: What Makes You Happy

   I think alot of the things that make me happy other people take for granted. My son Junior (AKA Bugs) for example makes me so immensly happy. Every morning when I go to pick him up he has this huge smile on his face. I get to hug him & kiss his cheeks & he makes his little cooing noises. It makes me so happy to have him. At age 16 I was told that I wouldn't be able to have children of my own. So, to have him & be able to hold him is one of God's greatest gifts to me. It made me feel as though the impossible was possible.

   Another thing that makes me happy would be my husband. We've been together a little more than 5 years now (including our years dating). It hasn't all been rainbows & sunshine but, we made it through. We did it without taking any breaks or breaking up entirely. We have been through so much together & I think it's so hard to find someone who wont give up on you. One of those "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" people. His sense of humor has gotten me past what I would consider the worst days of my life. I appreciate & love him so much...even on our bad days.

   Lastly, is my Jazz. Jon got her for me when he was working out of state so I wouldn't be lonely. She is spoiled rotten & she knows it. I've said it before & I'll say it again, she is one of the best dogs I've ever had. She doesn't like being pestered too much but when she wants love she will come up to you & nudge your hand with her head. She gets all the good food (people food) & "best bites" (what my husband calls the last bite of food). When she's not stinky or losing fur like it's going out of style she even gets to lay on our bed.

   These are the things that make me happy. Of course there's other things like music or movies or books. If you really want to make me happy take me to Disney...Disneyland, Disney World, Disney On Ice, a Disney Cruise...I'm not picky.

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Day 19: A Photo Of Yourself

This picture is one of my favorites of myself ❤ I took it while trying on clothes with my little sister at Kohl's. I think I look genuinely happy here. I was having a good hair day from the looks of it too.

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Day 18: Favorite Movie

I have a few favorite movies. I guess it depends on genre. I love comedy. After all laughter is the best medicine. Thats why White Chicks is one of my favorites. I can quote the entire thing from start to finish while cracking up. I also love romance movies so count me in for The Notebook & Titanic. Fair warning I cry everytime Rose descends from the staircase to Jack at the end of the movie. I also will watch Selena any day of the year. Grown Ups is also a family favorite & you can be sure I'll be saying "MAIZE" for 3 days after. There's so many more of my favorite movies like Patch Adams, Aladdin, & My Girl. Watching movies is one of my favorite things. To be immersed in something so much that you forget the world around you.

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Day 24: Your Biggest Regret

Mine has got to be not staying in school. It's been 6 year since I graduated high school. I could've at least had my bachelor's ...